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Periodical examining contemporary art


Based in Belgium, the international periodical is characterised by an artistic high end design and its art scientific approach towards uncharted terrain in contemporary art history. More specifically, the main objective of Figura Pictura is to contribute to the written canonisation of 21st century art and its main protagonists, emphasizing on its selected field of research in representational painting.

The formal and conceptual foundation of all issues by Figura Pictura build on the artistic tradition of books as an alternate space for art. All issues are a numbered and limited edition print. 

The series of Figura Pictura presents (i) summary works, offering a frame of reference to approach representational painting today and a foundation for further research; (ii) in-depth articles on specific issues, topics and contemporary phenomena; (iii) monographic works, presenting the world's leading painters and the efflorescence of the canon of the 21st century.






Presenting the current landscape of contemporary painters


The Figura Pictura IG gallery aims to sketch the current landscape of contemporary painters within the selected field of research by presenting a relevant selection of daily paintings. Figura Pictura does not accept any submissions for lucrative purposes, remains true to its vision, distinguishing itself from other popular art pages. 






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Figura Pictura

Periodical examining contemporary art

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